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Spicy Mami Ramen

Growing up Ramen Noodles were my all-time favorite. I’m really not sure why, but probably because it was less than a dollar. Ramen probably should’ve been a staple piece in our home because we always had them on hand. If we needed a snack and couldn’t find anything els, guess […]


Creamy Spinach Dip

When I do choose to eat out at restaurants, if I see anything pertaining to Spinach Dip I immediately ordered it. It’s just one of my go-to appetizers when I eat out, well that and chicken wings. I’m clearly a sucker for Spinach Dip. The good thing about dip is […]


Easy French Toast Sticks

Need something quick to make for breakfast? Well my family loves this simple, yet easy breakfast dish! I make French Toast probably two or three times a week, if not more, because my kids love it so much! Down below I created a simple recipe that anyone could follow. The […]