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Double Meat Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast was simple this morning. I decided to stuff everything that I made in Flour Tortillas and served them with Salsa on the side. Tips Cooking Bacon- If you prefer perfectly crisp bacon then I would suggest using a cooling rack on baking sheet before placing bacon down. Scambled Eggs- […]

Strawberry Deluxe Waffle Sandwich

My kids expects a hot breakfast every morning so I’m always looking for different things to make. Most times it’s usually the usual, eggs and bacon with your choice of carb, for example: Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast. This day they decided they wanted waffles and it made me think […]

Cajun Style Shrimp & Grits

If you know me, then you know I’m a sucker for Shrimp and Grits. This delicious meal was topped with spicy shrimp, bacon bites and sautéed Bell Peppers with Parsley topped for garnish. Not only is this a great meal for breakfast, in my opinion it’s perfect for brunch. It’s […]

Homemade “Fluffy” Buttermilk Pancakes

If you know me then you would know that I’m a pancake kind of girl. These delicious pancakes took a while to make, but with the right amount of patience and folding I ended up with these perfect babies! If you read the steps right it probably won’t take you […]

PB&J Stuffed French Toast

My kids really love French Toast as I once stated, so every now-and-then I have to think of ways to spice it up. For breakfast we made Stuffed French Toast with PB&J filled inside and it was actually delicious! It’s kind of like your ordinary Pb&j sandwich, but warm with […]

Easy French Toast Sticks

Need something quick to make for breakfast? Well my family loves this simple, yet easy breakfast dish! I make French Toast probably two or three times a week, if not more, because my kids love it so much! Down below I created a simple recipe that anyone could follow. The […]